pic: 3620 Button 2014


Be careful near the field!

Picked this up at Southfield. Boy, that was a fun day!

This caused me to have a flashback to this.

wow, not sure to laugh because if it was anybody else it would be funny, or to be sad because it was dean Kamen??

How can I get one of those?

@_@ I really want that button…

Any way you can sell these via the Interwebs?

Pay attention when you are near the field this year!

Even more so if you are behind the driver’s station – drive teams are protected by the shelf, but volunteers and others standing further back are in the line of fire. At Southfield we saw some of the Killer Bees’ shots fly more than 30 feet beyond the end wall, in about one second. Definitely not an ideal place for a coffee break. :yikes:

The Average Joes will be competing at the St. Joseph District FRC in Week 5 (March 28-29). You can pick up one of our buttons there, or perhaps a couple of weeks later at MSC. :slight_smile: