pic: 364 Near completion

We are pretty much complete. We still have to armor it and work out some kinks but this is it.

Well guys with a week left here we are. Tell us what you think.

what exactly are the gripper arms in the front for?

Those arms are for autonomous to knock off the 10pt ball

ahh i keep forgetting about that little 10 point monster. You seem to be one of the few teams so far that have posted pics on CD that are going for it. Good Job! Without teams like your teams like mine would be in lots of trouble… whatever that means

yeah thanks we were thinking about forgeting about the 10pt ball too but we decided against it. We intended to keep it simple. That plan worked very well last year. Fast in high, powerful in low, and does what we want every time.

how are you guys gona turn with those wheels?

Waht are those little things underneath your yellow ball roller, are those also to assist with moving the balls or do they have an entirly different function? But overall it looks nice and I wish you guys the best of luck

Looks very good. I’ve trying to convince my team to get those ten point ball but I don’t have much influence. Good luck in Houston. I’ll hopefully be watching a webcast. I hope to get a picture of 1108 up here soon. But since they are being stingy with pictures, I will post as soon as they put it on the website.

it looks like thats a caster so when they go up the stairs/platform they dont bottom out

Ok thanks for all of the comments. To answer the first question about the wheels. We are able to turn just fine since we shaved the treads off. It turns all day long. As for the wheels under the yellow stuff. Those are going to be fixed casters that serve almost as a wheelie bar. They prevent us from falling over if we get pushed while trying to get up the 6" step. 1108 I’m looking forward to seeing your robot and I guess we’ll see you in houston.

Just curious… but did you guys have a leverage problem with the way you pull up that arm? I know last year when we tried to make an extending horizontal bar we had lots of problems with leverage, I was wondering if you guys ran into issues with that and how you went about fixing it. Your bot looks good, good luck!