pic: 364's 2008 Robot

This is one clean looking machine, how well does your gripper hold the ball? Does it squeeze it against the elevator or does it rest on the contours of the forklift part?

Looks like another awesome bot from Team fusion can’t wait to see it in New Orleans it will be fun to compete with you guys again, you were one of my favorite teams at Lone Star when we attended. Seems like its gonna be a fun one for sure.

it holds it amazingly well. we usually squeeze the ball against the intermediate (traveling) section of our lift using the forks or squeeze it between the forks and the wheel. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at bayou. It’s too bad you caught us at an all time low at LSR in 2006, we had a small issue with a hurricane. But even when we weren’t that competitive we had a great time competing against a team as spirited as us.

Yeah I remember, 2006 was a rough year for that area, But I do remember you guys in 2005 as well, a few of the members of 1902 were on 1083 and we competed at LSR. You guys had a great robot, and don’t kid yourself '06 wasn’t too shabby, success is a measure of what you were able to accomplish with what you’d been given. You guys sure weren’t given a lot that year, but from the looks of this years bot it sure looks like things have gotten better!

Good luck to you guys this season!

Very neat & clean.:cool:

I’ll get some pictures from under the hood… The electrical is very nice in my opinions as long as you don’t look at any pwm cables. :smiley:

Nice bot. I like the simple arm design… I look forward to seeing you guys at the Bayou!