pic: 368 Teaser - Hawaiian Snowman

Team Kika Mana can’t wait for the Hawaii and Silicon Valley Regionals!

Does this mean that 368 is actually done with their robot? But, you still have over 24 hours???


Not to worry… we’re still not fully functional. Long night ahead!

Really excited to see 11 take the field with two Hawaiian powerhouses in a few weeks!

Can’t wait to see the final bot!

Can’t wait to see y’all at SVR week 6. It’s gonna be a party.

Can’t wait to see our final bot functioning, too :tick tock: :tick tock:

We also look forward to seeing those two Hawaiian powerhouses 359 and 2439 and look forward to meeting 11 and all the other out of towners as they make their way here!

Indeed! It’s a bittersweet homecoming for us. Since our start in 2000, SVR was our ‘home regional’ of sorts until the Hawaii Regional came along. We wanted to return for one final time before California closed its doors to us outsiders so we’re definitely looking forward to it!

Its amazing the sense of humor you folks have after pulling a couple of overnighters to get done.
Its too bad you couldnt stop by to play some throw-catch with us.

Well maybe during week 5.

I love the doraemon ball

To all Hawaii teams: IF you find that you are low on SNOW, team 1676 knows where to get some for you Wholesale. Just pay shipping!

(Maybe we can trade for some hot lava? It’ll help melt all this snow…:rolleyes: )

We’ve been getting rain like there’s no tomorrow the past couple of months.
Everyone has red and brown cars (dirt) now.
We’re not used to Bi-polar weather either.

We have a special parent team meeting next week Monday on how to deal with 0 degree weather in 2 weeks.

Come on, you guys have been to Texas enough to handle bi-polar weather :wink: