pic: 3824 Teaser - Prototype A

Did you… 3D print… your robot?

I’m so confused…
What 3d printer that large prints at such a low resolution with such large filament…

I suppose it saves time for fabricating other things… but still…

This is the first robot I’ve seen in a long time where I have no idea what I’m looking at.

I think it’s plastic, but I can’t imagine you’d make a mold like that, or that a 3d printer that makes that exists.

Anyway, it’s really cool. :cool:

So I suppose that frame came off the large scale printer at ORNL? How much does it weigh?

That must have been created on a 3D printer. The characteristics are too similar to not be.

I posted a link in the thread under the other pic i posted, but will add it here also. This is a time lapse video of the printing process:

The material is carbon fiber infused ABS. It is ABS plastic beads and carbon fiber that are mixed / melted together. It is very strong. The printing is quite fast compared to a normal 3D printer. A large item like the chassis takes about 3-4 hours to print.

Is that a custom-built printer?!?

Yes. But it will be coo recital in a year. It will be the worlds biggest and fastest 3D printer using carbon fiber reinforced materials. ORNL has partnered with Local Motors to make 3D printed cars. We are using 3824 as a test case for feasibility.