pic: 383`s controls and driver

We took the next step on autonomy! :slight_smile:
Our demo robot with our 2005 control system. The driver gets to play with a nice shift lever and the operator will feel like playing a good ol’ arcade game!

Now that is Amazing…

… I can see the day coming when FIRST will ask us to make our own operator. (i know thats a crazy thought).

heheheh… it’s a robot…



Does the “driver” actually drive the other robot? It would be cool if at least it responded to how the robot is moving.

The controls are cool (becuase of the old arcade style joysticks), but I don’t think it is as cool as ours. I don’t have a pic of it, but it’s frame is parts of kitbot covered in dimond plating with a dimond plating back board for the OI. there’s 2 large toggle switches for killing drive and arm along with LEDs to say it’s current condition. And there is a battery indicator with 6 LED’s in a row. It looks awsome. :smiley:

I am that control panel’s #1 fan. If only our control panel was even close to that awesome…

thats cool!

Awesome control board. Where did you get the operators two joysticks?

I dig it. Is it heavy though? I know our operator was the carrier for our control board, and he got tired of it being so heavy.

Your. Controls. are. FREAKING SWEET!!!

You official get the honor of
“ROCKING MY SOCKS OFF” with those controls!

very very cool, are those scrap arcade parts or where did you get the shifter and operator joysticks?

Would having a robot drive your robot be allowed? It seems like there was some sort of rule about processors on the control end of the system, but since the processors are controlling it via a mechanical connection it might be legal… I will give ten dollars to the first team to win a regional with a robot that is controlled by another fully autonomous robot. I think my money is safe :smiley: .

Thanks a lot for your compliments! Every year we try to improve our controls and now I think we nailed it. :smiley: The joysticks, shifter and switches are all from arcades, bought from a maintenance shop. We couldn’t find a joystick with a top switch, so we had to machine one and press the switch into it. The box is made of wood with vinyl decals, weight is mildly excessive. :stuck_out_tongue:
The operators do have to carry a robot to the field, so the board is a piece of cake.
Being from arcades, the joysticks are simple on/off switches, but we don’t see the need for a more complicated system. Driving it is pretty straightforward. We do have feedback in every joint of the arm, though :wink:

Wow, I just noticed that cool thing you have in the background there. It looks like a sort of test/example control system you could use to easily test motors and such… We gotta get us one of those.

That old arcade lever is awesome!
There should be a place to insert quarters too. :smiley:

So its a teleoperated robot…operating a teleoperated robot… So its a TeleOperated TeleOperator :wink: