pic: 3863 Swerve V2.1



It’s ya boi back at it with another revision of the swerve drive.


Looks very nice! Would you be willing to share the cad?


What are you doing for the bevel gear attached to the wheel? It looks like it’s dead-axle with the wheel, but I don’t see how they’re attached to each other.


Could be turned down and pressed on?


Ding ding ding, this one’s a winner, folks! (Except the wheel is bored out instead)


I’ll be releasing the CAD files sometime this weekend.


Makes sense, it’s easier to cut plastic than steel :stuck_out_tongue:


Is a slot on top of the big steering gear necessary to prevent rubbing against a bearing of this nature?


I’m not really sure what you mean by “slot” - if you’re talking about the bottom face of the turning gear scraping against the plate, there’s actually a 1/16" gap designed into the turning gear such that it doesn’t rub against the plate.


I was actually thinking of a different swerve, whoops, but that actually answers my question, thanks.