pic: 39 half court shot

I am starting to wonder about our decision to stay short. We are 38"s tall. I am looking at other robots that are 57"+. Opinions anyone…is tall better?


Height offers advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, shooting high allows the robot to probably clear robots in front of it playing defense. It also means less height that the ball has to go up to reach the goal, thus resulting in longer range (the y-component of the velocity could be used for the x-component instead). If your robot doesn’t shoot for the high goal, then you will just be shorter when defending.

The advantage to low height is low center of gravity by default. I would be surprised if a robot that’s under 4 feet tips because every piece of them is already very close to the ground. 5 foot tall robots, especially when hit high (though that will be rarer this year due to rules) or climbing up ramps, are much more likely to fall over.

Tall means you have trouble being blocked and may be able to block other robots effectively. It also means a more difficult time getting up the ramp and a higher chance of tipping. For example; we know our robot cannot be blocked at its current shooting angle and height, even from another 60" robot. We cannot get up the ramp however, unless we were to hit it from a fast running start, and even then it would be risky.