pic: 3946 off-season strafe module, overhead view

An overhead view of the strafe module we built in the offseason. We wanted to use materials we had on hand, and most of our pneumatic cylinders were either much too small or much longer stroke than we wanted, so we went with an unusual leverage setup. We anticipate putting a control system on this during build season to play defense against our competition and practice robot.

Is there any concern regarding the torque applied in the side-to-side direction to the hinge by the wheel/motor? Seems like there would be a little bit of pivot around that hinge that would cause material fatigue / potential failure.

Worst case scenario the piston shaft slightly bends.

Both of these issues are being discussed at the thread on the oblique view.

The cylinder arm is mounted so that no transverse force can be applied. The hinge is a known concern, but it should be up to handling that torque; testing will tell.

This is neat. I like the sanded-down HiGrip wheels used as spacers to keep the belts in line.

Looking forward to your test results.


Thanks, that’s what we did for our Recycle Rush robot as well, though we removed the tread with a knife, not through sanding. Making that cut safely (mostly so the knife wasn’t facing anyone) did involve a bit of creativity.

Same here. The team is taking the next two weeks off to catch up on sleep (and celebrate Christmas and New Year’s and so forth), so the best chance for this to happen anytime soon is if we decide to go H-drive for some prototypes, or if we use this as a scrimmage base.

Might be nice to mount a piece of 1x2 tube between the inner rails next to gearboxes and use the new VersaDrop module.