pic: 399 Control Box - Open

Control Box: open
Red fleece lining
The nicest control box that 399 has ever built!

Beautiful work! This is one of the most overlooked areas of FRC. For may teams it’s an afterthought for once the robot’s finished. But you guys nailed it! Awesome.

Very nice design! I love the lining :slight_smile:

Just a thought: if the tubes start blocking the view of the drivers, wouldn’t it be easier for the drivers to use portable controllers to ensure that they can move around and get a clear view of the field?

just my 0.02$

We’ve found that the controllers give a different feel than the sticks. All of our drivers, including myself have driven at least once with both styles. We all prefer sticks.
But that is something to think about. If we didn’t prefer sticks, we would do that!

What did you guys use to secure the classmate?? We could not come up with a good solution last year, and ours just sat on our control board. Thankfully, it never fell off.

Velcro is your friend…

Nice setup!

The joystick has to be about the least appropriate control device there could be for a robot…but if you can make them work, and deal with the massive size, that’s great. We haven’t used them for driving for a few years.