pic: 399 Teaser

A teaser shot of this year’s robot items/features :slight_smile:

Four surge tanks? And is that a cylinder or a winch system?

well looks like you have a pneumatic kicker using a hammer as a hammer… 2 wheeled harvester on a straight shaft… hmm… and maybe an advanced programmer? (but theres no mountain due sitting by the gyros so i cant be sure)

I’m intimidated… (is that a croquet mallet?)

Sadly we won’t be seeing you in this year’s regionals, but good luck on the rest of build!

I can figure out what we need 4 air tanks for! :rolleyes:

hmmm… sounds like a 1 or 1.5" bore cylindar! :slight_smile:

Our gyro is sitting on a custom mount made in inventor and printed via our 3D printer.

Four tanks! you going to be running your kicker off of a Pneu-Turn cylinder? Thats the only thing besides lifting your own robot with pneumatics that could use that much air.

I like that printer :] (It can print lego :] )

That mount is much nicer then last year’s.
(Its just something about non-conductivity that I like in sensor mounts)

We forgot the Mountain Dew, BUT I think our programmer prefers Coke.