pic: 399 Touchscreen assembled!

The screen is finally finished!
The cord sticking off of it is a db9 ribbon cable, which goes to an adapter on the driver station
The green board contains 2 256 step digital potentiometers for communication with the robot
The screen is 45 degrees tilted off from the blue and green boards

Is it a multi-touch? The arduino and the screen fit really well together it seems. Nice work.

No, it is only a single touch. Its a resistive touchscreen

the screen was designed for the arduino
Liquidware Touchshield Slide http://www.liquidware.com/shop/show/TSL/TouchShield+Slide

We have big plans for this screen :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to hear what you have planned for the touchscreen

Plotting out different autonomous modes is something we’ve drawn up pseudo code for, but we never tried it. Is that similar to what you have planned?

Mapping out autonomous paths and stuff would be pretty cool.

Yes, that is exactly what we are going to try to do.
The screen communicates with the robot through the Driver station, the cRIO saves the points. Then during autonomous, the robot drives to the points (or at least attempts to). Manipulators will be programmed game specifically, this year there were none, so the code will model this robot

Let me know if you guys are interested in working on that together. Our programmers have been working on code for something similar to that. Drop me a PM if you want.

Is plotting auton. the only thing this screen will be used for?

We found that with a laptop radar display, the 2nd driver kept his eyes on the display ~75% of the time and not on the field. This is partly the reason why our team will probably not do a touchscreen with this type of setup this year.

Only autonomous, we do not have any plans for it to be used anywhere else.
(This is an input for auto. mode. The path is sent to the robot before Auto Enabled)
We’ve also never used a dashboard, so my team probably wont even think about using this screen as one

I am currently trying to port over RyanCahoon’s Waypoint Trajectory applet over to the screen :slight_smile:
This project is coming along very nicely. I wish to have it done before the new beta teset is done

Good job justin. Getting lots done in the fall.

Also amazing job at getting beta test.

=) Glad the teams doing well w/o me!

Are you guys going to show this thing off at the Fall Classic?

i can bring it to the event, but no software has really been written for it (or the robot :yikes: )

Yes i will

OK cool. I’ll be sure to stop by and check it out.

Hey Justin,
Could you bring this to the next team meeting, I’d like to take a look at it.
Judging by your theory of operation, It could be interfaced to the new DS, correct?

Thanks, Jeremy

Holy cow! How cool!