pic: 3D Print Wheel w/VexPro Tread

2014 Version of 3D Printed Wheels using Vex Pro Tread.

Printed Uprint Plus: ABS material solid

Used on 6 wheel WCD

They look great! What was the print time? I would be worried about the hex bore developing play over time and eventually maybe stripping.

Not 100% but I think we got two sets in a 10-11 hour print.

We have been printing wheels since 2011 never stripped the bore. But we tolerance our drawings to what actually prints so we have a tight fit.

How happy are you with 3D printed wheels? What is your motive behind using them instead of COTS wheels? How do you design your wheels not to break?

They have various threads from past years about their wheels. You should search them up. Chow out

What kind of printer were these printed with?


Nevermind, I’m blind. ::rtm::