pic: 3d printed 1/2 inch hex shaft to arm part


It worked! Well!

Be careful when you put torque on it.

Depending on the type of printer you have the plastic may split around the hex.

Do you have sharp corners around the points of the hex?

What do you mean by sharp corners?

Any corner that isn’t radiused.

On the part, I’m not sure. I will soon post an image from INVENTOR PRO.

I would definitely round the base of the hex extrusion to add some strength. Besides that, looks great!

This is a great example of a part that didn’t need to be 3D printed. A wide variety of off the shelf hubs combined with a simple plate gusset would do the job much better, with far less risk of failure. Optionally you could broach your own part from solid, but most teams don’t have a hex broach.

The hub around the hex should probably be thicker if you keep this plastic.

Yeah, I did do both of those things on a later model, but I don’t have the file on my computer for some reason. IDKY.