pic: 3D printed FIRST logo

In my PLTW CIM (computer integrated manufacturing) class for my 3D printing project, I decided to make an interlocking FIRST logo. This has probably been done before but I thought it would be a cool thing to share.

Was this done on an FDM printer? Were your supports dissolvable or manually removed? Was it printed in the pictured configuration or were some parts rotated (but still interlinked) to ease construction?

I am assuming each piece is separate but interlocked and dangles like keys on a key-ring

If you look closely you can see it was made on an FDM printer and that they were indeed printed in different positions.

Ahh yes I couldn’t tell from my phone.

Like Certified Nerd said, it was printed on an FDM printer with the triangle and square printed vertically, and the circle printed horizontally. The supports were dissolvable.

It sounds like a fun class, what else do you guys do in a computer integrated manufacturing class?
I made something similar before with our team’s Makerbot 2 when I got bored after build season. First, I printed a white ring. Second, I started printing a frame of a red tetrahedron, paused the print halfway, slipped the white ring onto one of the 3 columns it was building, and let the print finish. Third, I started printing a frame of a blue cube, paused it halfway, and slipped the white ring on it (by this time the red tetrahedron is on the white ring). I ended up with a colored, interlocked, 3D FIRST logo.:cool:
I wish I have pictures, but graduating seniors took the two 3D logos I made. Now I want to make another one next time I have some free time at Robotics.:slight_smile:

We learn about manufacturing and automation mostly. We have learned about control systems and did projects where we made freight elevators and line-follower vehicles using Vex EDR parts. We also learned about CNC milling and are now on a robotics unit. I’m assuming you don’t know much about PLTW (Project Lead the Way). They offer many engineering related classes such as Digital Electronics, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, ect.

Time to google PLTW…
From what I see from 5 minutes of research, it looks like an amazing program (like doing FRC in classrooms?), and I can see how it would link to FIRST. I think I would prefer Robotics as an extracurricular though, mostly cause I get to play around with whatever during the off-season.:smiley:

My old high school offers PLTW courses, along with Robotics as a separate class. Having taken the IED, Aerospace, and Electronics courses, I can say that PLTW has a great curriculum that helps students get a solid foundation in many facets of engineering. Even though I am not an Engineering student, I feel like I have a lot of helpful knowledge going into college this year. (Also, it seems that some colleges are beginning to accept these courses for college credit!)

I think my favorite part about these courses is that they cover topics that are actually applicable to a field without making it too in-depth or complicated for the average high school student.

Just to clarify, the school that 135 is out of does not offer PLTW or the Robotics class? That was your old school (What team?)? If 135 is apart of a robotics class, that would be cool, and I’d have a few questions. That’s why I’m asking. Thanks.

So the circle is free from the square and triangle? So if you pull on the triangle and square, the circle rotates to be horizontal if the square and triangle are vertical? Thanks.

As a PLTW teacher currently teaching IED and Aero, and having taught POE, its always so great to hear these kinds of comments from students.
I firmly believe PLTW is the best engineering education program in the US for high schools. While there are certainly issues with the curriculum, any good teacher can make adjustments to make it fun, exciting, and educational for high schoolers. As a teacher its really great to teach since its challenging content and we get to see the students grow so much over even one course much less four or five.

We offer a variety of PLTW classes, but our robotics class is NOT PLTW, it is literally an “FRC class”. The robotics class is basically an extra 1.5 hours of work time every other day tied to class credit as an Engineering Elective.

The pieces are seperate and dangle like keys on a keychain. And yes, if you pull the triangle and the square the circle turns horizontally.

What are the general dimensions of this print? Just wondering!

I can’t tell due to the fact that there is nothing to relate measurements to in the picture, though it might just be my eyes.


When you pull the triangle and square apart its approximately 3" long. Each piece is about 1.5" tall and 1/8" thick.


Here is some images of the pieces hanging and the CAD models.