pic: 3D printing for bracketry

Just a little bracket for improving cable management on our old cRio sidecar stack

This is awesome!!! Would you be able to upload the CAD file and link it? :slight_smile:

Very neat and compact. I like it. =)

We have a bracket for the other side also, and we’ll get the whole thing up in a day or so.

And I thought that 1939 had theirs pretty good…

That is sooo cool!

Thats gorgeous!

That is awesome, and putting the DSC over those unused ports is a great idea (never even crossed my mind!)

Almost makes me want to run an 8-slot cRio.

I had considered doing something like this last year but we never got around to designing or building it. Looks really cool.

Does the bracket snap in like other modules, or is there other method for securing it?

One of the kids came up with the idea last year, where we elegantly implemented it with electrical tape, but I think it left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. This year we are adding 3d printing to our tools bag, and our wonderful new mentor is an expert in this stuff.

The brackets snap-fit from the outside, He is also creating a bottom plate to keep the DSC from falling down into the cRIO.

In a pinch you can take some soft wood and lightly tap it into the cRio. The wood’ll form to the contours of the chassis. (Word of warning - if you go with that, I suggest you put all the rubber caps on unused ports.)

Can you post the .stl file?


I really like this setup, unfortunately no room for a solenoid module. :frowning:

Someone called the head of science department looking for these files. I promise that they will be posted before the end of build even.

Hello everyone!!! John Schurman here with VOXELcreative. Hooray for my first post on Cheif Delphi! Is there a place on this site I can upload the 3d .STL files? I’ll also see if I can’t put them up on the Autodesk360 service for grabbing. I hope to be putting more of our designs up for everyone to view and review, and if any team out there is needing help or advice in making a concept, drawing, or model into a printable object shoot me a message. My professional experience comes from the movie industry, where I was a technical director at Moonbot Studios developing tools and workflows across the entire CG pipeline as well as acting as the studio’s bridge to 3d printing. Well, enough about me! On to the files!!!

I’m baaaacccckkkk!!! :slight_smile:
Here’s the files on Autodesk 360 in the .STL file format. Please note that I am using my personal Cube (Ver. 1) when printing these, which is super wacky and doesn’t print things at the scale it “thinks” it is. So, I’m trying to post the .STL files before the odd scaling I have to do to make them work for a Cube, and the scale should be correct to real world. You can always check by importing these files into Inventor/Solidworks/Meshlab/etc. and virtually inspecting them. I hope to see printed parts on other teams robots soon!

Sidecar Brackets!!
Sidecar bracket 1 - http://a360.co/Xg8fmA
Sidecar bracket 2 - http://a360.co/Xg8pui
Sidecar bottom plate (not tested) - http://a360.co/X5cinQ

BONUS!!! Here’s a bracket to mount the window motor and a hub that will let you slide different “adapter feet” on for various uses.
Window Motor Mounting Bracket - http://a360.co/Xg8oGL
Window Motor Dovetail Hub - http://a360.co/Xg8spU

And as always, PLEASE let me know if you print any of these and they do not work. I never turn down a challenge.