pic: 3D rendering of a past robot


Electronics. 3dsmax 8, Scanline rendering. The materials were kept basic (no reflections, etc.) to reduce rendering time. None of them are exactly right, so it looks really bad close up. The insert is from far away to make it look better. It’s part of the 2005 robot which I haven’t finished yet.

:ahh: Wow, that looks really good. Nice job

That is really snazzy. Do you have an even higher-resolution version?

That is amazing, it looks good at any zoom level. great work

Great work you guys. That looks really good!

Was this done with Inventor’s wire tool? I never thought Inventor could make wires look that real.

Nice render! It looks very nice.

Thank you for all of the kind words. Everything was done in Max including the wires. I posted another image here:
I don’t like this particular image but it shows it at a different angle.

I hope you like it.