pic: 3dsmax rendering

i got bored at about 2:30 am and made this sorry that it is not higher res it looks much better in bmp

So pretty…I really like the reflection on each sphere. Nicely done.

I’m mesmerized
Good job!!!

Very cool.
Reminds of me of that ghost game in the first Mario Party :smiley: .

i decided to make a desktop background with this one its not done yet but its going to have gaseous looking flames coming off each of the spheres i don’t even want to thing how long thats going to take to render I’m making it in 1280x800 when I’m done i will make diff resolutions if requested (wait till i Post the final rendering)

Ahh, I can’t wait :smiley: I remember rendering with 3dsmax a massive molecule, which actually only took around 3 minutes for a 60 frame animation of it spinning. Upwards of 80 atoms, easily. guess it depends mostly on your computer. I’d love to see this final rendering :slight_smile:

I was wondering how long this took to render… It looks like it took at least 9-12 hours…

lol no it took about 25min on my laptop
the flames i planed on adding are acting funky so i may just render it in the diff desktop sizes till i figure it out
i havent used 3ds in a few months untill recently

a better pic quality

heh 9-12 hours for one frame… that would suck.

right click save target as