pic: 3rd day of build season.

Team 1345’s prototype chassis on the 3rd day of build season.

Neha: AREFFFIIINNN, This is my babbbbbyyyy.

Arefin: excuse me? ::goes and cries in a corner::

nice start! can’t wait to see it all cleaned up and not spaghetti style. :slight_smile:

on the 3rd day?

that CANT be this years robot, unless you decided to build the robot first

and then decide what you want it to do later?!

(besides, the middle wheels look awefull worn :^)

Also there are zip ties on the front which were used last yea, because the robot had to be touching the loading zone. That is definitely last years robot.

From the Caption for this picture:

Team 1345’s prototype chassis on the 3rd day of build season.

Thank you Tyler.

now here is the real story…

Team 1345 decided to play around with different drive system. So that’s where the 6 wheel drive came from. As far as the middle wheel goes, that was build the 2nd day of build season, and we practiced driving around wtih it (atleast 3 hours) on the 3rd day (basically beat the crap out of it), also keep in mind that chassis was driven on concrete floor (reason why it is so worn out). Team 1345 wanted the chassis to break then (if it breaks at all) and not at the competition.

Yes, it is the frame from last year since it is a prototype robot. We didn’t want to use the new one for a prototype chassis.

Things that are changing:

  1. New wheels
  2. switch to #35 chain even though #25 worked fine.
  3. Make the Electrical box prettier.

More to come…

Do I sense some resentment? ( Don’t worry, #25 is adequate, even better, in my opinion.:slight_smile: )

Yes, #25 works fine. Once you see the wheels that are going on there, you will understand why I want to use #35 chain. I don’t want to risk breaking it at the competition. It sure adds up weight, but thats what cheese holes are for. :slight_smile:

:frowning: swiss cheese is only good on sandwiches

that will be fixed =)