pic: 3rd iteration swerve

this is the best shot i’ve been able to locate (thanks to Pat Fairbank) of a swerve module in place on our bot. The spare module alone at wisconsin had at least 10 of its own photoshoots and earned us the General motors Industrial Design award.

Any questions just ask

I spot an MA3 on the steering sprocket :slight_smile:

And congratz on the industrial design award!

…Winnovation, since this is our second year and our combination of community involvement, we have alot of new members on our team. When they were scouting in the stands, they were simply amazed at your drive system. Nice job! I think you convinced a lot of people on our team that swerve is the way to go (mostly!)!

You guys were amazing competitors and in general, an awesome team at the Wisconsin regional both this year, and in 06’.

I think I speak for just about everyone when I ask that you guys please return again next year.

I got to see your swerve module at Midwest this year. I liked it so much, I decided to come back and bring a few friends to see it at Wisconsin.

Congrats on the award and I hope to see you guys in Atlanta or IRI. Good luck at Colorado as well.

there are three
ma3’s in this picture…they’re more reliable than pot’s we’ve found can you spot them?

and AndyB, 269 gets the award for the creepiest drivetrain lol, i was at the practice field and turned around and their was your robot, i think it gets the award for stealthiness, its dead silent

Haha. yeah, they use worm… no chain. It is creepy quiet… They use the same gearbox on the elevator. Now only if they can get that grabber working better.

I’m with 171 however this year. Our drive was like, blatantly loud… one of negative to using AM tranny’s