pic: 3v3 Aim High at Next Fest


Next fest was mostly 2v2 for battery and radio related reasons; this is the one 3v3 match from Friday.

:ahh: field must have been packed. since i think it was a smaller field.

how did it turn out?

The Field was actually a full size field with most of the equipment and w/o the scoring capabilities and various other personel. The turn out on sunday was pretty amazing at the least 100 or more people attended 90% of the matches set about 20 minutes a piece. Like Noah said due to the various RF problems teams were assigned specific channels to keep the exhibition running smoothly. One downfall on sunday when it rained outside, it rained inside all over the field computers. =( about half way through the rain stopped and the tiny leaks were resolved. As for the other exhibits they were also cool I liked the various Future Hybrid, Hydrogen, and E85 Cars they had on display. Most of the cars came from GM.