pic: 4 775pro compact gearbox

My goal with this was to make as compact and light of a gearbox as possible so a lot of things with it aren’t the best so don’t take it seriously

4.86 pounds
4.07"x 5.27"x 4.89"
12:100 14:26
Final Speed (Adjusted):
17.11Ft/s (4" wheels)


It definitely is compact! Unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t really need 3 plates does it?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like the bottom two plates (the ones without motors bolted to them) are designed to fit around a 2x1 tube for integration into the chassis (presumably WCD).

Hm… I think you’re right. I didn’t pay close enough attention looking at it the first time around. Thanks for pointing it out! It’s definitely an interesting way to do it.

How long did that take to render

About 5 mins

This is exactly right but i didnt really think about chain lines so its shopping cart with chain in tube

Did you do that in SW? What lighting?

Looks like a great gearbox, but I would think about wire routing to the 775 pros. It doesn’t look like the gearbox leave much, if any, room between the wire terminals of two of the motors and the tubing.

If you look at the test frame i made there’s some holes in the 2x1 where the terminals and wires go through

I did it in SW 2018 and i didnt touch the lighting

Whats the RPM of the output shaft?

Also, any chance you could upload this as a .step?

the output shaft is about 1100 rpm

interesting. Consider counter sinking the bolts not counter boring. Additionally if you you are just running 2 by 2 consider belt in tube.

The power distribution panel only has 8 forty amp slots; so two of these four 775 motor drive train gearboxes wouldn’t leave any 40 amp locations left for any game specific large motors.

no point in 40 amps each when 30x4=120 just as 40x3=120

Impressive compact gearbox indeed. Nice work!

Would you be able to go to a larger gear on your output shaft (and get a higher reduction, if you want) by sliding the motors around to be closer to the opposite side of the gearbox?

Yes that would be one way of gearing it down but it would increase its vertical hight