pic: 4 Bots, just hanging around

This was one of the finals matches on Newton, sorry I don’t know which one.

I believe this was the 3rd match of Newton Semifinal 1. The Red alliance (1126, 67, 340) nudged out Blue (79, 16, 1391) by a score of 185-150. It was an intense match indeed!!

I thought the cam concept that BBS (Team 16) used to lift/drive their robot onto the platform was ingenious. The robot would rise then smoothly glide onto the platform.

This is the only picture of FRC16 of that years game here on cd. Now heres the tough part, does anyone have a video of how they get onto the ramp and all? Pictures would also be nice. thanks!

i remember this bot very distinctly…it would drive up to the edge of the platform and the front cam would lift the front of the bot up. then it drives forward a little more and then the back came goes. then it is even with the platform…then the front rests on the platform and the front cam is put back up. it then drives forward and the back cam goes back up and it is on the platform…at least that is what i remember…i could be way off…

HOT has the video of this actual match on their website . This would be Newton Semi-Finals matches 1, 2, and 3 that include team 16.

Thanks, we’ll see how this works out n vex. :wink:

Wow, after watching semi-finals 2. i realized that 340 knocked out the 2X ball, what a great move. Ahh the flash backs of victory with you guys!

After watching that, could have been the best play of the year and I’m trying not to be biased

This was the only time we did that in competition. & when I was asked by HOT’s coach why we had never done it before my response was “we never had to”. It was the difference between us winning the match & losing the match.

good luck making the cam work in Vex

i thought of a fairly simple idea, just need to see what the Hs’ers think of and work with both ideas to make one.

I dont know, HOT capping another robot was very impressive.

Why do you need it in Vex (assuming FVC)? The cam was used for the stairs, and the platform is only a couple inches high in vex this year (easily able to be driven upon by the larger wheels). The bar is 18" above the maximum starting height, so cams wouldn’t be a huge advantage reaching the bar either.

Oh just you wait. :wink:

If you look at Team 1114, Simbotics from 2004 they did the same thing with there swerve drive. it was pretty sick.

yes, pneumatics are still illegal in vex though. that was also a possibility if pnuematics were legal.

i remember seeing “The Poke” from the stands and sitting there watching the ball slowly coming out! it was sweet to see!

Awsome! :slight_smile: