pic: 4 inch 3D printed wheel

A 3D printed wheel that I designed in Creo 2.0, and Solidworks 2012 Premium.

Looks great. Let us know how it holds up. My team needs a custom wheel for our summer drive train project and we didn’t know if a printed wheel would be strong enough. What kind of printer and plastic did you use?

If you talk to anybody on 207, Metalcrafters, then they practically make their entire robot out of 3D prints.

The wheel is ABS plastic.
It is really light at .105 pounds (according to Creo 2 and Solidworks 2012 Premium), this wheel was mainly to show off the 3D printing ability that we have now.

It is much stronger than I anticipated it would be, but I doubt we will use it on a bot. The thing is I added a couple of things to this wheel that is not possible on a lathe and mill, to show the kids how cool 3D printing is.

This wheel is about 1/4 of the weight of its AM equivalent. I have another style that is a bit beefier and is about 1/2 the weight of the AM equivalent. But I don’t see a problem throwing some tread on this thing and giving it to the kids to try out. If it holds up then I will be very impressed.

Just remember, choosing the proper application makes all the difference.

I could see something like this being used to save weight that an aluminum wheel would be overkill for. Think outside the box a little.

The application for this wheel was to show how 3D printing can make parts that mills and lathes can’t.

For example?

I’m guessing internal voids in a single-piece part.

There are a few internal holes (can’t be seen from the image) that can’t be cut with a lathe or a mill.

I guess those internal holes serve for weight or material reduction?

Neither they are to show how 3D printing can create geometry that lathes and mills can’t. This is just a demo.

Oh. That works out too. Any chance you could post a cut away view? (Read: slicing the wheel open and posting a picture)