pic: 4 robots on the bar in Sacramento

Here are the four robots on the bar in Sacramento. The score was 210 to 125.

Very nice. Looks like the first 4 robots hanging together where none of them has pulled themselves up closer to the bar. In all the other 4 robots hanging matches, at least one of the robots has pulled itself higher than the rest of the robots. Looks like it was an exciting match.

Is that Joseph Vanderway I spot in the bottom left of that pic?

Haha! Proof that I was there! That’s me taking an up-close picture of all four robots, just to the left of the center of the field, in the volunteer shirt.

That was seriously a great match…

And Sanddrag, yeah. He did the announcements for the entire Regional. And he did them very nicely, if I do say so, myself.

That round was amazing! We (Cheesy Poofs + MVHS 753) won 210-125, and the place just went crazy! Blue shirts stormed where our robot was being brought back, cheering and jumping on each other like mad, fitting for the first round of finals…though we still had one more to play. Thanks to 753 and 955, our awesome teammates, our competitors in finals 945, 1120 and 481 (sorry if i messed that up), and everyone else who made Sacramento just amazing. Whoa!!!

When I saw the four robots hanging, I nearly started crying in joy. It was quite possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in competition.

Yes, that’s me. I was game announcer. Sacramento was (again) a blast!

-Mr. Van
Coach, 599