pic: 4 x CIM Gearbox


Think that tech inspection would notice if you slipped two of these on your robot?

Good thing they aren’t for the robot! We use CIM motors for our annual “Vehicle in a Box” project in the Technology Teacher Education Program at BCIT. Using such a well characterized motor with well documented and affordable controls just makes sense… and occasionally one of our grads might put that to use and start an FRC team.

Go 6008!


Looks sweet and simple!

You could power these with Mini CIMs and be legal per recent FRC rules. Two of these (8 motors) would make a zippy little chassis. If the thing had five or six wheels on each side, say 4" Colsons, it could wreak havoc as a Stronghold defender.

How about 7 per side? Is that any good? Although we don’t have 8 motor drive.

Yes. Maybe better! With more motors you would be getting air on many of those crossings.

Your intake and high shot are more impressive. I could only find one match video, but in that one your team carried the alliance with 5 high goals, crossing the CDF to secure the breach, and shoving your dead partner onto the batter before making a final high shot to secure the capture.

Thank you, that was a really fun match to play. At our most recent regional we improve our cycle times greatly and managed 7 high goals as well as low bar and Cheval de Frise. I don’t have a video but I hope they will be up soon.

What can’t you guys push around? :smiley: