pic: 40-Amp Fuse Block


We mounted two tri-LED clusters (under the wires on both sides) so they shine right into the fuse block. It looks awesome even in a bright room. More pictures of Team 662’s robot at www.rockymountainrobotics.com. Our team is getting very creative with LEDs this year, so keep checking our site for updates!

Dude those LED’s make that thing look wicked awesome :cool: . I was wondering were did you get your LED clusters?

I had them left over from my computer so I gave them to the team. I got them off of svc.com($1.79), but most computer modding sites carry them. If you are looking for single LEDs, though, I would check out LS Diodes. They have the highest quality LEDs at the lowest prices.

Looks like your drawing too much current and causing some arching.

Just kiddin! Nice!!! I have some EL wire i was thinking of putting on the bot.





It’s just plain beautiful. sniiff

That’s awesome! For a brief period of time, we had two 12V neon computer lights, but they no longer work. The converter or whatever it is broke I think (those lights need high voltage)…probably when it arched and burnt my finger!


Last year, we had four 12" neon tubes mounted on our robot - two red and two blue. We swapped the connectors between matches so only the neon tubes that matched the rotating light would be on during the match. It was actually quite cool-looking.

we plan on putting neon tubes connected to a beat box so our robot glowes everytime it hits something.