pic: 4004 drive base 'License Plate'

Our back plate for the drive base. Will be backlit too.

Our rear frame piece fresh from the laser cutter. Next we will add animated lighting behind the letters for enhanced visual effects :yikes: .

Looks neat; we did a similar bit of laser cutting on last year’s robot and backlit it with green (school color), though we did it on a piece that started twice as thick as it normally would have needed to be (1/8" vs 1/16").

Is this a structural member? If so, did you leave enough metal at the thinnest spots (the verticals on the M and R) so that it won’t buckle?

It is 1/8" aluminum. It is a structural member but will have reinforcements attached to it. If the game were of a more standard nature with more ‘robot interactions’ we would not have done this. The absence of direct defense should be easier on robots this year.

We did a test yesterday with some neopixel led strips and we’ll be able to change color of each letter and period individually. Should make for some cool animation. I’ll post a video when it’s done.

Here’s a quick video clip from last night showing the first animation of our license plate http://youtu.be/F_ojeXsd_Tk .