pic: 4061 design

Hey you guys have a great robot! Congrats on the district win! You definitely have the most unique intake wheels that I’ve seen. What are they made of? Are they custom made by your team or did you find them somewhere and think it would be good for intake? I ask because they work very well. Good luck at Worlds!

adding onto that, what inspired you to make a collector like that? like, I don’t think my team ever brought up anything close to “let’s put on these giant paddle things that will ensure that totes always land flat out of the Feeder, and make it really long to help even more, and make them have noodle pushers on them.”

did they develop as the season went on, or was it just the plan from day 1?

Their active intake has nothing to do with how the totes land, it’s in how their human player feeds the totes.

how did I never notice this… Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile: