pic: 4087 at Rocket City

Our 2018 robot, Overhaul, in queuing at the Rocket City Regional. We’re really proud of its performance and can’t wait to iterating and improving at our next event.

That looks great, love the intake and the inverted drive train motors on the kitbot chassis.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for Spectrum’s build blog. It along with a host of other transparent design resources helped us to focus our iteration efforts given our limited in-house manufacturing capability.

The flipped gearboxes on the kit chassis have been awesome! We are geared for 15 FPS, which made us one of the quicker machines last weekend. I think this was instrumental in our success. We didn’t quite take advantage of the packaging, as we originally planned for an elevator (which we bagged). We decided in week 5.5 to reduce scope to the switches and exchange. I’m so proud of our team for embracing this, and am thrilled that it payed dividends.