pic: 4143 damaged frame from CIR


4143’s frame was seriously bent at Central Illinois Regional but still made it to the finals. The team build a stronger replacement frame and completed a frame swap at Wisconsin on Thursday with time to spare. This picture was taken part way through the swap.

I had heard that your frame was bent a bit… I did not expect it to be bent that bad. It seems like you guys did end up coming back pretty well though with repairing though, getting into eliminations again.


If you look closely at our swerve modules, we can have two drive motors per wheel. Now that our official season is done, we can push our swerve drive design and try to get a three ball auto working.

Make sure to keep us updated, all the different methods of completing a 3-ball autonomous are very interesting to me. :slight_smile:

I had no idea the damage was that extensive after CIR, which makes it all the more impressive you were able to completely replace the frame at Wisconsin. I remember seeing you guys for the first time back in 2012 when I was with team 967. Even in your rookie year you guys had it figured out and now you have blossomed into one of the best teams in the midwest. It was an absolute pleasure working with you at CIR, you guys were phenomenally organized and had some great scouting data. Your swerve drive this year was very smooth and seemed to really help you guys score. Congrats on making the elims again in Wisconsin. Keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing what you have in store next year!

Hope you enjoy our damaged frame, def worth the trade in Milwaukee…