pic: 418 Done

Here is our shooter. See it in operation at

I hate to be a party pooper but shouldn’t the bumpers be either Blue or Red?
Unless they are for display only.
BTW, nice looking robot. Good luck this year.

Why do we need red or blue when we have purple?

We also have covers.

Thanks and good luck to you also.

Purple is red and blue, so I’m sure you’re fine :smiley:

I think what Wayne meant was Blue xor Red.


Beware the green shooter wheels. They are very soft and wear out quickly!

Looks like a nice robot!

The vanity bumper movement is gaining momentum!

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Looks great LASA !
Very interesting loading mechanism.

Vanity bumpers show a team has taken the time to really enjoy the details of robot construction !

Do you floor collect ?

How high does it hang ?

He was hazy on that. . . . . :smiley:

Hey Tony,

Nice design! I like the orientation of the disks and the feeder system to the shooter. I think we will see a lot of the pneumatic hanging systems like this. Easy and quick.

See you guys in two weeks.

Inquiring minds want to know what the RS550+P60 winch on the top of the robot is for. You’d assume it’s for a climbing system, but you already have the pneumatics for that… Except there’s no way you’re lifting a robot with those puny cylinders. So there’s clearly something unexpected going on here.

Yeah more specs or description would be nice. I really don’t know what that rope system at the top of the robot does. Deploys your feeder station slide?

Changing the orientation of the discs seems odd if you don’t floor collect but maybe it was just a space problem.

Any more details? Either way we’ll see in a couple weeks at Lone Star it’s going to be a great event.

What no one yet has spied a 1 inch wide tape measure rising from the center top of the robot. They aren’t measuring the height of air are they:p

Clearly 935 isn’t the only one who doesn’t trust what height FIRST says the rungs are at :rolleyes:

It is not a tape measure. It is a cleverly disguised hook ascension deployment (aka HAD) system disguised as a tape measure. The HAD places the hook on the bar to which is attached the cable, which is in turn attached to the winch which facilitates the 2nd level climb. It is Rube Goldberg approved!:slight_smile: Yes, there are LEGOs involved.

Our team is curious on how you cased your tape measure to keep it from exploding. We made two custom cases that took four hours to manufacture by CNC each.

Simple, we didn’t. It is still in it’s original case.

That’s how I’d have done it. And a pair of sticky rollers to pinch it and extend and retract it?

You got it plus another to set the angle