pic: 4183 2014 Chassis

AM14U with 3 CIM single speed gearboxes.
Square aluminum tubing superstructure with custom laser-cut gussets.
Superstructure hinges on quick-release pins for easy access to electronics. Intake and catapult (not shown) are also mounted on quick-release pins.
Vex Pro Ball Shifter acts as clutch for catapult winch.
All black anodized!
Custom laser-cut .25" plywood belly pan.

Not totally final, but we’re trying to get drawings to our laser cutting sponsor in a couple of days.

Those motors in the winch gearbox will be mini-CIMs I assume?

Correct. Mini-CIMS.

The sheet metal brackets and quick release pin/hinge system is very reminiscent of a certain nerdy robot from 2008… I wonder why that is? :rolleyes:

Can’t wait to see the anodized frame in person. Will it have a twin?

We’re building two.

That is sweet! I can’t wait to see it at the comps!3 CIMs is a lot of power per side! Our robot will be scared of yours :smiley:

I can’t tell from the picture, this is something our CAD team is struggling to decide, at what points off of the AM14U are you mouting your aluminum tubing super structure?

Here’s a picture showing an updated version of our frame mounting: