pic: 4183 Bit Buckets at Phoenix Regional

A (more sideways than I would like) photo of our 2013 robot hanging in the quarter-finals of the Phoenix Regional.

We spent nearly all of Thursday reassembling our robot with the parts from our practice robot. Since we had limited testing time Thursday, we spent Friday morning working out some hardware and software bugs, losing the first five matches due to various problems, mostly related to aiming and firing the shooter. By our last match Friday, we had the robot troubles worked out (and had changed the robot name from Murphy’s Lawyer to Stormageddon). When we finally got our robot working, it worked well, winning our last five qualification matches, particularly considering the drivers’ limited time with a functional robot. We were selected by the second seeded alliance and won our quarter-final matches. We won our first semi-final match but lost the second two (one of our alliance partner’s digital sidecar failed and the other had problems climbing). At the Awards Ceremony, we were pleased to learn that we received a Judge’s Award for “prototyping and design”.