pic: 4183 Wooden Swrrrv

Such wood. Very swerve. Wow.

I want a video of this driving, please. If that module holds up, that would be really awesome.

EDIT: Is that wooden disc on a bearing, or are you using a wood bearing?

I hope the gears aren’t wood too.

Gears aren’t wood, but the chain is :smiley:

They only have one module, and no code yet that I know of. Just a fun side project to make with the laser cutter.

What are you using to support the robot weight?

The wood disk is a bearing, laser cut edge on laser cut edge with some grease.

Just the steering gears.

There will be a thrust bearing between the top of the module and the top sheet on the housing.

Can you post pictures showing off the internals too?

This is way cool!

Here are some pictures of the guts.

We copied the basic geometry from the latest 221 revolution pro and added the lower support similar to wild swerve.

Didn’t have any 3/8" hex bearings so we made a 1/2" hex to 3/8" hex shaft.

If other portions of the robot hadn’t taken up so much time, I’m sure we would have used it. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of negativity on these forums regarding designing a swerve drive in a build season :rolleyes: So expectations were slim and we went with omniwheels. This was made in the first 2 weeks with very little effort, maybe 10 hours, while we focused on other prototypes.

Ok, I know this is a huge necropost but this thing is so freakin awesome! Any chance I could get CAD for it? Super interested and designing and making one of my own.