pic: 4183's 2015 Robot: Stack Overflow

Bit Buckets, Team 4183 2015 robot Stack Overflow for Recycle Rush.

-Lightweight plywood construction
-Killough drive with 4" Vex Pro Omni Wheels geared for ~11fps robot speed driven by CIM motors
-Modular electronics board and drive pod mounting
-Can drive over scoring platform
-Closed-loop drive motor controls allow for precise maneuvering and autonomous driving
-Software includes utilities that read autonomous scripts and constants from a text file
-Total robot weight of ~105 lb.

-5 tote capacity
-Each tote is held by a separate carriage
-Stacker tilts forward with pneumatic cylinder to place stack
-Winch powered by MiniCIM in 50:1 VersaPlanetary
-Automated pickup using bumper switches to detect totes
-Automated positioning using encoder and reed switches

Can Grabber:
-Can place can on 4-tote stack
-Can pick up upright, inverted or fallen cans from floor or step
-Claw actuated by winch driven by window motor
-Elevator winch powered by BAG motor in 50:1 VersaPlanetary

We will be attending the Central Valley and Arizona East Regionals.

Most of our build season documentation is publicly available below. CAD will be posted later.

Engineering Journal Part One
Engineering Journal Part Two
Robot Software

Nice machine! I love to see plywood used creatively.

Have you ever tried dying it with aniline dyes before you lacquer it? You can get some brilliant colours but still have it look like wood.

Good luck at your competitions!


An artful use of space and support! I love how this fits together.
The wood is looking great too.

This is one of the best looking plywood robots that I’ve seen in my time in FRC - nicely done!

The name is also pretty much the best.

Can you point me to any products/processes that work well? Before build season I tested a green Minwax water based stain, but the results were kind of ugly. I’d like to play with tinting dyes and shellac, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


I use these in my woodshop classes all the time.

I had to look this forum up to make sure that a metal robot wasn’t being burned in the recent thread I saw.

I may have also taken a peek at it :smiley: