pic: 422 Permanently damaging some defenses

We had to build a lot of things this season to be able to play the game this year. We have a very tiny shop and a very big available firepit. The students decided to try to destroy as many practice defenses as our driver did. They succeeded.

Also, it’s 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside in this picture. I did not stay near the fire for long.

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It’s lit fam

Isn’t it dangerous to burn plywood and other types of construction material?
Edit: (spelling and) For example: there’s all those adhesives that you don’t want to inhale. Plus it’s illegal in Vermont.

It’s just the environment, who cares?

But really though I would hope there aren’t composites thrown into that fire.

Sarcasm? I certainly care about the environment.

The fire was fueled independently with natural wood, we just toss the scraps into an open flame. We kept a large amount of the defenses after we disassembled them, just the little bits that had no future got tossed.

It goes without saying that you should never use treated wood in cooking and you should never use a significant amount of treated wood in any fire.

It should go without saying but burning a lot of pressure treated wood and/or doing it in an enclosed space is dangerous and potentially lethal. We joked about it enough this season that we let some token pieces of wood go into the fire but a vast majority of the wood remains unburned and behind the shelves in our shop waiting for the 2017 game.

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Were these the only defenses that this team drove over as the standard ones were too mainstream for them?

Ugh I hate watching this video. Not for the robot burning (that’s a shame, but it can be repaired), but for how long it took them to get a fire extinguisher. It should definitely be required to have an extinguisher on the cart :confused:

Maybe not necessarily a mandatory for one to be on the cart but maybe to have a large number of them at different locations around the field, inspection, and queuing areas.