pic: 422's "Paragon"

In 2014 we played 37 matches and swapped out around 100 pounds of materials.

In 2016 we have played 52 matches and haven’t had to change a thing but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to :slight_smile:

We have had a lot of fun this season adapting to the new district system with an incredible group of students who have made my job very very easy. It was very humbling to meet with so many teams over the last few weeks that complimented the work we have done with our program this year and over the last 8 years.

“Paragon” is an embodiment of what we want our program to be. Simple but vital, quiet but forceful, independent but loves to work with others to make some awesome happen.

Paragon has won two industrial design awards and brought three alliances to semifinals and took one a wheel away from winning an event. We hope to earn the respect of teams from across the region at the Chesapeake Championship in College Park in a couple weeks.

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Congratulations on your progress.

I’m not sure if “a wheel away” is meant as an expression. If not, can you elaborate on what happened such that a single wheel decided a competition win?

I witnessed it too. UNC Asheville district event - they were in Finals match 2 and had just deposited the last boulder to take down the tower and they slipped off the batter at the buzzer as they tried to park. They would have won that match and potentially the next match too if that tire had been on the batter! It was a close match and awesome to watch.

Nice work at Doswell guys. :smiley:

F1 also featured a ball getting stuck right under an alliance partner as they went under the low bar, giving us a tech foul that undid a capture. :slight_smile: Just some bad luck from a very green drive team that had to face the two best robots at the event head on; I’m proud of them.

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