pic: 4334's Stronghold

Part of 4334’s build space this year, including our practice field.

Did you guys buy out an old Chuck E. Cheese or something?

It was a Petcetera pet store! Haha

I have never heard of that store so I looked it up all I can say is that logo looks very similar to the toy story logo.

Oh yea nice field too ;).
Must have been expensive to buy that space.

I was going with mostly preserved and oddly large 90s internet cafe or a backup Degrassi soundstage.

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Congratulations on the beautiful build and practice space!
Looks like your fundraising efforts are really paying off :smiley:

Wow this is really awesome! Wish we could have our own practice field! At least we are able to build some of the field elements to practice on.

Based on this level of money expenditure, I’m not sure whether to be excited or trepidatious at seeing you guys in Calgary this year…

I’d love to know how you managed this kind of space (because I’m totally freaking jealous). Was it an in-kind contribution or something the team leased? Who’s on the paperwork officially? What hoops did you have to jump through to get it operational?

It’s essentially the only good thing about our not so good economy right now - it’s in a sleepy little mall. It was vacant, and the mall couldn’t find a tenant. We offered to lease it for the cost of utilities, and they took our offer so the space wouldn’t be heated for nothing.

The “Alberta Tech Alliance Association” is on the lease; parents and mentors sit on the board. I believe we upgraded our insurance a bit, just to cover all our bases. We had most of the equipment already, we just had to move it from various storage locations all over the city.

ATAA is also fielding a rookie team this year - 6082, Calgary Tech Coalition.

The funny part is, or not depending at how you look at it. The economy in our area has left a mall or two in a similar state. We’ve been considering setting up a city wide FRC practice space and it might turn out to be a lot like what you’re showing there.