pic: 4388 Ridgebotics' 2017 Robot

4388 is proud to present our 2017 FIRST Steamworks Robot “JibbleBot”

“JibbleBot” is competing at the Week 2 San Diego Regional and Week 4 Colorado Regional

“JibbleBot” Specifications

-8 Wheel Drive
-Driven by WCP Dual Speed Gearbox
-4” High Aluminum Rims With High Traction Tread

Ball Intake
-Polycord Intake Mechanism
-Additional “Fallout” Arm To Grip and Grab More Balls
-Both Mechanisms Run by One Vex 775Pro Motor

Ball Hopper
-Two Cylinders With Beaters to Force Balls into Flywheel
-Beaters Run by Mini Cims
-Aditional Box Attachment On Top to Hold More Fuel
-45 Fuel Capacity

-Two Shooters with 2 4” Compliant Wheels Each
-Both Shooters run by one Vex 775Pro Motor

Gear Manipulator
-Pneumatic Clamp Mechanism to Pick Up Gears off the Ground
-Shaft with High Traction Treads to Grip and Bring In Gears
-Run by One Vex 775Pro Motor Geared Down 100:1

Climbing Mechanism
-Velcro Grip Strap Around Gear Manipulator Shaft to Grip Velcro and Climb

Unique Pneumatic System
-Pneumatic System to Bring Gear Manipulator Up and Simultaneously Push Additional Fallout Ball Intake Arm Down

29x36x24 Without Bumpers

Video Coming Soon…

If you’re 36" long without bumpers, won’t that put you over the volume restriction of 40" (bumpers are 3.25" thick each, so 6.5" thick)?

Wow an 8 wheel drive? That is surprising for such a small (in comparison) robot. Our robot is 36x40x24 (with bumpers) and has a 4 wheel drive. How has the 8 wheel drive been working for you? And how many motors do you have in total throughout the robot including your chassis? What motors are used for what?

Update: We are 29x33x24 without bumpers, sorry for the typo.

The 8 wheel drive has provided very nicely for us. We knew we could do 8 wheel drive as we have the experience, and we felt it would be superior to other drivetrains because we knew it would have good speed and maneuverability. We chose this knowing it is strong in the way that if a team wanted to play defense they would have a hard time pushing us and moving us. As for motors we have a total of 8 motors. 2 Cims for each gearbox on both sides, so 4 for the chassis. 2 mini Cims for our hopper beaters to push the balls into our flywheels. 1 775Pro for two shooters, and then one more 775Pro for our gear mechanism to grip and bring in gears for our pneumatic mechanism.

Very impressive looking bot!