pic: 4450 ORF off-season tribot swerve

Looks cool. Haven’t personally seen a tri-swerve before.
Is this just a test bed or is it going to be carrying the rest of a robot?

5817’s steamworks robot had 3 swerve modules.

Looks cool!

I completely forgot about that! It was a rectangular base so I guess my memory was thrown off… and we attended TWO competitions with them last year.

Not sure what kind of washers you are using for the motor adjustment but having done something similar in the past - you want to use something with some teeth or bite on it to ensure they actually stay put in the slot. Plain washers won’t cut it.

The ~45° angle they set between the slot and load should halve the slipping load they see… and if they’e using a decent fastener (grade 5 or 8 steel with allen key drive, rather than grade 2 “home depot quality”; can’t tell in the photo) - shouldn’t need a fancy washer? YMMV.

Probably safest to just integrate a seashell cam tensioner if it’s that much of a worry.

https://imgur.com/pslE8xU this is the bottom cad (old electronics layout)
it is planned to put this turret basketball launcher on top :ahh::
prototype cad bc it isnt really working out
https://imgur.com/NTd9MOL note the gearing between the flywheel and the motor, like many steamworks shooters massive energy storage.
new electronics layout: https://imgur.com/a/yxmc8

that’s exactly what we were trying to use for the turning motor because the chain kept coming loose (it is mounted in a slot), but it didn’t quite fit under the drive chain and the nut was in the way if the turning motor sprocket. we ended up using some lock washers to hold the pg71 from moving. if you were talking about the cim coming loose we have it very tight and it seems solid.