pic: (447) Chassis Weight + Appendages

chasis weight AND APPENDAGES


Wow… thats a really awesome scale. Where did ou get it/ow much did it cost?

That scale is awesome! - looks like its origonally automotive, probably just with 4 wired sensors that you’d set your load on.

Where would we get one of those? What is the precesion and range of it? How much $$$ ?

Also, is that weight with or without battery? I’m betting its without, but that’d be crazy if it were with it.

Its a scale used for car/kart racing.


Kinda pricey if you ask me. 4 bathroom scales might be cheaper :rolleyes:

one of our team members also builds soap box derby cars, and those scales were generously donated to their team. we get to use them by default :smiley:

That thing is awsome, we have a big Industrial scale that we use sometimes but I like that little cart one.

@ Jeffrafa

that weight is with the battery… and the compressor :ahh: