pic: (447) Dr J - Week 1

Ah, what were you doing week one?


lol i reconize those omni wheels, our team bought everyone available in the country last year… i think like 10 or so, but realised that our robot was too heavy for them and we had 0 traction, we described our robot as a squirelle on icescates.

Nice Pic Rufus. . . too bad it had to have me with my bloody nose plug. :cool:

Your robot punched you in the nose?

Ah, no worries a tissue plug is my solution to a bloody nose too.

I usually get bloody noses in the winter too, for some odd reason I have been lucky though this year! :slight_smile: Maybe one or two, compared to the many I usually get.

ya, we are using the omni wheels for stability, no traction intended

last year, we only had two omni wheels and they could not take the weight of the robot

this year we are using four omni wheels on the four conors, with rear/center drive. it works amazing and is very easy to control ( and hela fast in high gear :ahh: