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Does anyone else have a problem with spikes losing their bottoms and the breaker panel coming loose?

Yes, our breaker panel bottom is falling off too. It’s annoying for sure…

While i have heard of some of the spikes casings coming loose this year i have yet to hear about the breaker panels opening up. Since you seem to have both of these issues present it leads me to believe this may have occurred due to your use. Have you been testing these pieces of equipment under heavy loads. I mean have you had these units on a test bed robot where it was being tested and maybe hit by another robot or was ramming an object. If you haven’t I’m wondering if the box they were delivered in from your kit pick up location was ever dropped or the individual components dropped. Since all IFI equipment was delivered in an electronics box together, check your other Spikes, Victors and OI & RC to see if those casings may be loose or separated also. Just watch out what you may use to reconnect the cases together as they are made from a molded thermoplastic and some glues and adhesives (like loctite for example) will eat the plastic and damage the products beyond repair.

ya ours started to come off. but i hink the 4 plastic washers that come with the panel are supposed to keep it together

Nope, ours has been in storage up until recently - we haven’t even dropped it yet!

Thers the key. They stay together fine if you mount them how they are supposed to be mounted. I just think its a bit ridiculous that they have to be mounted to something to not fall apart.

ya, ours is comming off.

Next question - if anyone has had the back come completely off, is there anything important on the back? Should we worry?

We mounted ours very early so we did not encounter that problem, however we did have one speed controller die, that was annoying!

For the breaker panel - There are two pieces of metal that have a hexagon cut out of them that fit into the plastic base and hold the bolt for the 6 ga. ring terminals. Other than that its just the plastic bottom piece and the one screw that holds it on. I havent taken off te upper plastic piece yet.

Don’t know about the new spike casings, havent taken one of those apart yet.

We’ve had no problems with ours. Like Rickertsen2 implied earlier, it’s most likely student/mentor error that caused your problem, not an IFI defect.

He did mention an IFI defect…

I think IFI provides us with a great set of tools to quickly and easily develop a very powerful robotics control system. The RC, OI, Victor, Radio Modems and Spike are great components. Sure, they are expensive.

We can only speculate why parts from IFI are so expensive. Whether it be limited production quantities, big discounts to FIRST, labor costs or a mix of a number of reasons. These components are pricey but most seem like it’s money well spent for quality components.

Frankly, I’m not as satisfied with the Breaker Panel as the other components. We ordered an extra Breaker Panel and we see the same problem with both. Unless they are securely mounted the cover wants to come off. Who knows why that is- it might be that FIRST asked for these to be developed in December. You just don’t know. I just hope that next year they implement a better system to protect the PCB and electronics on the Breaker Panel.

Maybe I misinterpreted his words, but I stand by my original statement. We’ve ordered an extra, as well, and have had absolutely no problem with either, or any other IFI component.

Team 121 has managed to break or destroy multiple kit components this year, but everything provided by IFI has been great. It is possible that some components may have been damaged in shipping or by rough handling. If you are careful with the components and mount them properly then you shouldn’t have any problems. If a component arrived broken then it was probably damaged in shipping.

I think that IFI has done a great job creating components to better suit the needs of FIRST teams. You should see some of the electrical shennanigans that took place before IFI started providing components! We should really be greatful about what we are given in the kit. The quality and easy implementation allows more energy to be focused on creating a competitive machine, not just getting one running.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m not grateful of what IFI gives us. :wink: I just remember the glory days of the old screwed together spikes that never, never came apart and rarely ever had to be replaced.

These parts have been through two boards and regular robot use that can be expected during competition.

P/N VICTOR-884-12 $114.95

I just dint like this new design, the roundedness, all the glue, one screw on the whole breaker panel. I just want throw back spikes man :rolleyes:

Well I am kind of biting the hand that feeds me. :rolleyes: I love you IFI! :smiley: Just trying to raise a valid criticism to better the kit for next years bunch. :yikes:

Three out of the four 2005 spikes had their covers come off. In answer to whoever asked what was in them, they have exposed circuitry. We velcro our spikes, not bolt them, so this may or may not be a problem. They aren’t extremely loose, but they might pop out… We will see. Our robot isn’t ready for drive testing yet, so we don’t know. We haven’t had any problems with the breaker panel, although we mounted that with bolts and the supplied washers early on.