pic: (447) NasaVCU regional


A few people have asked for pics of 447 Dr J, so here he is.

“Dr J, scoring at will!” - VCU announcer


I was wondering all weekend what is inside of the cup on the arm that picks up the tetra… do you have a picture of the latching mechanism? It was very fast and efficient at picking up and dropping off tetras. I was just wondering how it worked.

It is a brilliant design. The end effector is basically an inverted funnel that fits over the apex of the tetra. A Banner sensor at the top of the funnel detects when the funnel is completely seated on the tetra. When the sensor indicates the funnel is properly positioned, a piston on the side of the funnel (the little horizontal projection that you can see about 1/4 of the way up from the bottom of the funnel) extends into the space inside of the funnel. The piston is positioned so that the extended piston rod goes into the space under the “tetra connector” where the three edges of the tetra come together. Between the funnel over the top of the tetra apex, and the piston rod under the tetra connector, the tetra is effectively trapped in postion. They can then just lift it to whatever position they want. To release the tetra, they just retract the piston rod and the tetra falls out.


. . . that is the most in depth explaination of our grabber that I have heard, even we were building it. :smiley: Thanks Dave. :smiley:

We came up with the idea ( when our power was out immediately after kickoff for several days ) we were at the school that had heat and power playing with tetras made from drinking straws. When my father, Dan Newby ( our machine shop mentor), and myself was playing ideas and used the top of a bottle and a paper clip through the bottle. Our little model worked fairly well, so we extended the idea to what everyone saw at VCU.

I was quite impressed with the attention that we received over it.

I’m attempting to find pictures of the inside of it so everyone can see. :cool:

447’s robot was really unique. They had a great design. I heard that it could only hold three tetras at a time, could it possibly hold more??

Wow, very good design. I especially like that banner sensor system… using sensors like that to help track position to automatically grab is a great way to save time and be accurate every time. Great job guys! Good luck at your future competitions, I really like your design.

These guys from Anderson, Indiana are pretty smart. It must be something in the water over there.

Excellent job, Team Roboto! Creativity Award and Finalists! Another Indiana team doing well. woooo! See ya at Boilermaker Regional.

Andy B.

Hey guys, I have seen no other design other than the following:
- Hook
- Pitchfork
- two-pronged with back bar
- clamp

As far as I know, we are the only team straying from this design. ROCK!!
anyway, good luck, all ya!

 -  Drew  -  Lead animator and lead scout of team Roboto, 447