pic: 4476 Offseason Robot "Aaryan 2.0"

The robot that 4476 competed with in our two offseason events.

Looks like someone get a good deal on wheels.

But seriously, how does it work and how well does it work?

Looks great! Personally curious as to why you have that arm that flips down on the other side, when it looks like your intake would already be sufficient for class A defense manipulation.

Looks like it might be fore shooting on the batter, so they have the same distance every time.

Holy wheels, Batman!

We were pretty happy with most aspects of the design. The shooter was heavily inspired by 610, looking at what we would do to improve on the concept. (wider intake, more reliable shooting) Also took some inspiration from 2481’s intake/ball centering (magical if you haven’t seen it) and kind of merged the ideas together.

During our events the final product wasn’t as polished as we would have liked. Encoder issues and eventually some stress issues on a couple plates around bearings were causing issues. As a whole the shooter and centering of the ball itself was very solid and we are pretty happy about our first shooting robot completed as a team.

This was the primary use yes. It was rounded in a circle around the center of the ball when properly in the shooter, so that no matter where the extension contacted the tower, the ball in the shooter would be the correct distance away from the tower.

It also was made for dominating secret passage defense. (both shooter/pickup and extension out) made the robot really long, made it super easy to keep balls and robots in/out of the secret passageway.

Have any video of it in action?

There ya go.

Well then, I’m quite oblivious :stuck_out_tongue:

What motors and gearbox combination are you guys using for your intake?

I’m curious about your shot consistency, if you wouldn’t mind providing some details. Are shots more accurate when the ball centers in the intake well? If so, how reliable does it center in the intake?

I’m curious if reducing the width of the shooter would make for a more reliable shot.

The shooter wheels are 775 Pros with 3:1 VPs
Centering rollers are Bag motors on 10:1 VPs

Our shot consistency was very high while the shooter was functional. While designing the shooter we were very mindful of centering correctly each time. The centering was very reliable. Probably +/- 1 inch of variance at worst on the centering. We had low compression with the centering wheels, a lexan guide in the center of the robot to funnel (using the natural gap in the bumpers to our advantage). The spirals inspired by 2481 were polycord wrapped in hockey tape to get maximum spiral grip, and the PVC roller was waxed to center quickly.

So summary left/right offset was never a problem. Up/down variability by far was a larger issue, and that wasn’t really much of an issue either. When the transfer between the rollers was clean we would easily hit 90%+ shot accuracy. When the shooter would miss shots would be the transfer between the centering rollers to the shooter wheels. We eventually resolved this at our second event by increasing the release velocity of the centering rollers to reduce the amount of time that the ball contacted both rollers at the same time and we saw a significant improvement in reliability of up/down. (we would have extremely low shots somewhat arbitrarily)