pic: 4488 Shockwave at PNW District Champs

Hiding behind our fortress of totes and cans. A shout out to our amazing alliance members: 2471 and 1510 (and later 4513). We’re excited for St. Louis!

That’s incredible. Can’t wait to see you guys again in St. Louis.

What a great photo! It was an amazing alliance to be a part of. Plus, it was the alliance of clean looking stacks! :smiley:

See you at worlds!


Jeez. Anyone have a video link for this match?

Looks like semis 5.

If you go the PNW FIRST youtube you can get the whole event; they were alliance #1

This perspective on it is really cool! This was an awesome alliance. #StackCity

I forgot to mention in my original post. The credit for the photo goes to the PNW Media Crew. Thanks!

From that view it looks like it might have been my dad who took it.