pic: 4488 Shockwave's Choose your own alliance!

It was late Friday night and our scouting group decided to have some fun. Choose your own alliance!

We reference 254 a lot but I hope it’s taken in good fun. We love, respect, and admire their team a whole lot. They are a team that we attempt to emulate and that every year inspires us to work hard, be clever, and make sexy robots (yes, “sexy” is a robot metric on our team). #pooflove

Forgot to mention: “Jenny” (or sometimes “Jennifer”), was the code name for our cheesecake system :slight_smile:

I’ll also leave this little gem that a team alumni made here:

Very fun, love it!

Your alliance did really well… once the 254-973-999 alliance went out, you guys sure looked like the favorites!

When its Friday night and you are sitting around at school dying of anticipation, you find something to keep yourself occupied…

I’m so glad this got posted! We need to start doing this at future competitions.:smiley:

This is great :smiley:

I thought you guys had an Einstein appearance in the bag once I heard about “Jenny”…next year!

Thanks for sharing this! I heard about it and was glad to see it. Very creative way to select your alliance partners.

This is absolutely adorable, and it appears to be very efficient, too.

I can tell that this was made in good fun, as well, which makes me really happy.