pic: 45/494: End of Arch. Fm3

This is where 45 and 494 ended up at the end of Final match 3 in Archimedes.

Nice picture, Austin. Also… good driving. You did an awesome job.

This picture is the scene after the final and 3rd match of the Archimedes finals. It does not show a stationary, capped goal for the red alliance which held 7 balls. The red alliance won, 120-105. If we would’ve scored the 2x ball, the match was ours. 494 did a good job of defending our capping ability. That 2x ball was pinned between our robots’ arms, precariously positioned over the stationary goal.

The entire match can be seen here: http://www.soap.circuitrunners.com/2004/movies/arc/arc_fm3.wmv

716 blocked 71 and then they both hung. 494 blocked us, but we still did a good job of getting 5 point balls to the HP for 716.

Now… there was some serious debate about this match between some people. We debated it on our team and it has been debated with people on other teams who were down on the floor. If you look at the :33 and :32 points on the video, you can see that there are 11 balls in our goal. When we try to place the 2x ball in the goal, 494 put their arm down into the goal. Some people say that they saw 3 balls leave the goal. This cannot be true. As you can see in the picture above at the END of the match, there are at least 10 balls in the goal, and maybe 11. Also, if you notice, not only 494’s arm, but also our 2x ball was touching the goal during this interaction, so both teams would’ve caused the ball(s) to leave.

I do think that 1 ball left the stationary goal. I also think that it happened when both robots were in contact with the goal. No “removing ball penalty” was given by Aidan and the ref crew. It was a good “no call”. The match was played and reffed fairly.

Why am I saying all of this? I just want to set the record straight before another debate happened. Kudos to 71, 494, and 435. Good job.

Andy B.