pic: 45 in action during Finals at MWR


This is a pic taken from pretty high up at Northwestern University. The pic was during the Finals match 1. 45, 269 and 930 won MWR this year.

I remeber that match! that was a good one! very suspensul!

ok… im just wondering… did 45 ever hang!?! ever!?! if so anyone have a vid of it cause i always wanted to see it =D

We did actually have it hanging, kinda, in the shop before the ship. I believe the reason why we never did it in a comp. was because of the arm being so “complex” and we didn’t want to break it…plus it took us a while to do it.


p.s. I bet Andy could give you a more detailed reason why.

Team 45 picked two objectives in the field (ball collecting and 2x control) and did that every single match… what more can an alliance partner expect when they have the surity of having their goal filled and with a 2x ball on top of it…?

Yeah, we were pretty consistent doing that. We could also grab the mobile goal and drag it around.


oh gosh, i remember that match, i almost cried because i was standing on the back side behind all of the refs and other video crews and i couldn’t see a thing for half of the match!!

[off topic]as if to add insult to injury, our match wasn’t even recorded, so i never even saw the entire finals rounds until they were posted on www.soap108.com[/off topic]

I didn’t really see that much either…I was with the 45 pit crew right behind our alliance station. We could see like the tops of the robots and the goals and all that though. The “vibe” was estatic down there too! :yikes: We were screamin’ our heads off too.